Friday, 20 May 2011

Welcoming you to Rosaphora

Hi, welcome to our blogspot :) 

Rosaphora is one of Indonesian based brand that will take you to fun adventure of style from fashion, beauty and living product. All of our products are made in Indonesia as we care to optimize our local craftsmanship and industries

By the way, don't you find our bunny "Rossie" the cutest? She lov music, dances and hops in many tunes. So, in our products u’ll find 3 characters based on music that Rossie likes the most. They are Jazzalova, ‘lil miss Popular and Rockstar.  We lov to hear which style u like the most, plis let us know :)

Hope you'll follow her @rosaphora and finds out about our products and much info. You won't regret it ;) *hop *hop *hop

twitter: @rosaphora

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